A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Ice Treasures

on June 2, 2013


We are in a bit of a heat wave here, so I knew we needed something fun and cool for an activity this weekend.  Enter Ice Treasures, a simple concept that will keep the kids interested and cool them off all at the same time!  Here’s what you need

Ice cube trays


Water friendly toys/items (beads, coins, small figures etc)

Play hammers

Fill your ice-cube trays with water and drop into each cube, one (if large) or a few (if small) of the water friendly items.  Freeze over night.  The next day, sit outdoors and give each of your little ones a kid friendly hammer to begin chipping the ice away to get to the treasure inside!  We did this right in the grass and they had so much fun!  For a little extra enjoyment you can create a large block of ice by filling a larger plastic container with the water and toys.  This lasts a bit longer and takes a little more effort on the kid’s part, so gage the activity by the child’s age. Enjoy and stay cool!!


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