A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Painting with Tape


OK so for part two of our Father’s Day present I decided an oldy but goody was the way to go!  Painting with tape will amaze your kids and looks really neat too!  As usual, a very simple activity.  All you need is


Paint (you can use tempera, finger or water-color, this was with water-color)

Paint brushes

Painters Tape

Old plastic table-cloth

On your piece of paper spell out with the painters tape whatever you would like to stand out on the paper, we obviously chose dad since it’s Father’s Day, but my daughter also has one that says, Love.  Now set them up on the plastic table-cloth to protect their work surface and that’s all.  Set your little ones to work painting the paper (encourage them to paint the whole paper).  Allow the paper to dry and when it is let them carefully peel away the tape.  This totally amazed my two to see the tape had left the letters behind.  Hope you have fun and enjoy your Father’s Day!

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My Dad…

Father’s Day is this weekend already (yikes!) so it’s time to interview my 6 and 3 year old about their daddy.  If you’ve never done this before I suggest trying it, the answers you get will be very honest and will give you a brief glimpse into your little one’s head!  Here are some of the questions I ask my kiddos.



Have fun interviewing your little one, and even more fun watching their dad’s face as he reads their responses!

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Ice Treasures


We are in a bit of a heat wave here, so I knew we needed something fun and cool for an activity this weekend.  Enter Ice Treasures, a simple concept that will keep the kids interested and cool them off all at the same time!  Here’s what you need

Ice cube trays


Water friendly toys/items (beads, coins, small figures etc)

Play hammers

Fill your ice-cube trays with water and drop into each cube, one (if large) or a few (if small) of the water friendly items.  Freeze over night.  The next day, sit outdoors and give each of your little ones a kid friendly hammer to begin chipping the ice away to get to the treasure inside!  We did this right in the grass and they had so much fun!  For a little extra enjoyment you can create a large block of ice by filling a larger plastic container with the water and toys.  This lasts a bit longer and takes a little more effort on the kid’s part, so gage the activity by the child’s age. Enjoy and stay cool!!

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