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on May 19, 2013

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We are headed out to brunch this morning and I’m just not sure how my son is going to be.  Restaurants are not really his thing and with a lot of family there I’m sure he’s going to be distracted and not want to sit and be patient.  Patience for a 3 year old boy is just not heard of!  I decided I needed to pull some tricks out of my hat to keep him entertained so threw some new things in the “busy bag” we bring out to eat with us.  My co-workers are credited for this one (thank you Kim and Ellen!!) since they were doing this in their group the other day and I knew it was something my two would really enjoy.  Here’s what you need

1/2 cup of cheap conditioner

1 cup Corn starch

Plain and simple dump the ingredients together and mix them up (really that is it, nothing complicated here!!).   I will say that I added lit bits of extra corn starch to the mixture at a time until it was no longer sticky to the touch. Place it in a ziplock bag for storage (or in my case transport) and your good.  I didn’t even give them tools to use like I usually do with play dough, just their bare little hands and boy did those little hands smell good after!!  Hope yours enjoy it as much as my loves did!


One response to “Conditioner-Dough

  1. Katy says:

    Absolutly blooming brilliant. I shall be stocking up on cheap conditioner. Thanks for thr tip xx

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