A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Dyed Pasta Jewelry

Well it’s raining, guess I couldn’t expect all summer to be sunny and beautiful.  That’s OK, just means it’s time for some fun indoor activities.  Today we decided to make Dyed Pasta Jewelry.  Here’s what you’ll need

Dry Pasta for stringing (ziti, elbows, penne, etc)

Plastic zip lock bags


Food Coloring


In each zip lock bag place a large handful of dry pasta, 1 Tbl of white vinegar and 2-3 drops of food coloring of your child’s choice (1 color per bag).  Zip the bags closed and have your child shake them up until the pasta is covered.  For pale colors remove the pasta immediately, for deeper colors leave it in for a few minutes.  Place the pasta on a plate and let it dry completely.  When it’s dry your child can pick a colorful ribbon and string the pasta on it, making necklaces and bracelets.  When we were done making jewelry my kids then glued the extra pasta pieces to construction paper and created some neat pictures.  Hope you have as much fun as we did!!


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Salt Tray

Not sure how it happened so quickly but somehow my daughter has turned 5 and is preparing for kindergarten.  Thinking about this brings me back to my teaching days and the techniques I would use to help the kids learn to read and write.  This was one of the kids (and my!) favorites and has quickly become my daughter’s favorite way to practice her letters, numbers and writing.  All you need are

Cookie sheet


That’s it, nothing fancy and you probably have it on hand!  Simply pour a thin layer of salt into the cookie sheet and let your child draw with their finger.  They can make just about anything from a picture to a number, a letter, their name or a word.  It’s great practice and feels great while they’re doing it.  If your little one is just learning these things you can use a red marker on a standard sheet of paper and write the letter, number, word etc that they are working on and place it on the cookie sheet before placing the salt on top.  This allows them to have a guide as they practice.  Very easy and a great way to practice those all important kindergarten skills.  Have fun!



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Ice Cube Painting

It is hot and humid here which means it’s time to break out ice cube painting!  All you need are

Several different colors of washable paint ( I have done this with finger paint, though you can also use water colors and while you can use food coloring if you have not paint handy, please be aware it will stain little hands!)

Ice Cube Tray



Heavy paper (we used card stock since we were making cards!)

Fill each ice cube compartment half full with water.  Drop into each one of these a small blob of paint and mix it up.  Freeze until they’re solid and head outside.  Give your kids each a piece of paper and small bowl of the paint cubes and let them have at it.  This is a pretty messy activity so I prefer to head out to the porch or on the grass, but if you want to try it indoors lay a plastic table cloth on the floor.  As always I have a warm bucket of soapy water and some paper towels nearby for clean up.   These are super fun and are great for a hot day, have fun!!

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Glow In the Dark Bubbles

Saw this on pintrest and it is too awesome to not share!  All you need is

a container of bubbles

a glow stick

a knife

Very carefully cut off the top of a snapped glow stick (in other words it should be glowing already) and pour the contents into the bubble container.  Put the cover on and give it a mix.  Head outside (this stuff can stain) and let your kids blow them.  Now the actual bubbles won’t glow, but the bubble solution in the container will.   My daughter’s exact words to me were, “Thank you for making this mommy, it’s amazing!!”  Have a blast!

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Here’s an oldie, but goodie!  Ball or marble painting is a great activity that will impress your kids.  It’s fun and they will be excited to see the creations they make every time.  All you need are

Construction paper

A Box

Washable Paint

Balls (marbles, golf balls, bouncey balls etc.)

Cut the paper to fit inside the box.  Place small gobs of paint in the color of your child’s choice on the paper.  Have them drop 2-3 balls in and roll them through the paint by shaking the box around.  We used red, white and blue for our fireworks and a golf ball for some texture.  Have a fun and safe fourth, enjoy!!

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Tub Time

The warm weather is here so to me that means time to break out some outdoor messy play activities!  This is one my two will stay with for long periods of time and listening to their pretend play as they do it keeps me entertained too!  Here’s what you need

Large plastic tub


Dish soap

Plastic Cups



Place a large plastic tub ( you can use a plastic storage container) outside with some water, dish soap, sponges and cups inside of it.  Let your kids pick a baby doll to be in charge of washing.  Provide them with a towel to wrap their baby in when they’re done and I even buy cheap preemie diapers to place on the babies as well.  You may want your video camera for this one since the conversations you will hear are priceless!  Have fun!

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