A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Penguin Foot Art


I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to hand and footprint art projects!  I love them, they are adorable and such a cute way to keep track of how your little one is growing.  This one is for my daughter who has loved penguins since she was small (her imaginary friend was even a penguin named Pengwee).  It’s a simple project, cute to hang on the fridge for the winter and then a treasure to tuck away in a safe spot to look back on how tiny their feet once were!  All you need is

Black, white and orange washable paint

Paint brushes

Construction paper

A bucket of warm, soapy water

A towel

Have your little one take off their shoe and then help them paint their toes orange, outside edge, heel and ball of their foot black and their arch white.  Carefully let them step onto the construction paper, pushing down gently and then help them pull their foot straight up for the best result.  The messy foot goes right into the warm, soapy water for a quick wash and then to the towel to dry and you are almost done!  We then used construction paper to make eyes and a beak for our penguin and stuck it to the still wet paint.  There he is, your very own foot penguin!  Have fun!

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Let It Snow!


My kids have been not so patiently waiting for it to snow, so this week when it did of course the forecast was for it to turn to rain before I got home from work. Knowing they would not be so happy if they got home and the snow was no more I grabbed a large tub and scooped up as much snow as it would hold, covered the top to protect it from the rain and left it on the back porch. When we were done with our respective school and work days the fun began, even though outside it was a mushy, rainy mess. Here’s what you need

A large storage container

Fresh snow

A large towel

Waterproof Mittens

A laid the towel on the floor of my kitchen and placed the tub on top of it. My only instructions were, you need to keep mittens on while you’re playing in the snow and there is no throwing it. They were in heaven!! We might not have been able to go outside in the now pouring rain, but they got their fill of scooping, rolling, stacking and packing snow right in our own kitchen. Have fun and let it snow!!

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Puffy Paint


My daughter came home with a homework assignment of decorating a paper snowman.  Her first reaction when I read her the instructions was, “Let’s make puffy paint for it!”  So we did and you can too since it’s so simple and you most likely have everything you need at home.  All you need are

Shaving cream

White School Glue

Disposable bowl

Plastic spoon

Paint brushes

Construction paper

In your disposable bowl combine one part glue to one part shaving cream and mix it well with your plastic spoon.  If you like you can add food coloring as well (as always ours needed to be pink!).  Now all the kids do is paint a picture with the mixture, the thicker the layer of paint the better as it will dry puffier.  Easy and fun (be warned however you are working with glue so protect your surface and wash the brushes really well immediately after the kids are done having their fun!).

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