A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Red, White and Blue in a Glass

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  This is a simple drink that your little ones can enjoy and celebrate Memorial Day at the same time!  All you need are

Clear cup filled with ice

Cranberry juice

Blue Gatorade

Carbonated water

I let my kids help with this, but if you want the layers really distinct you can do it yourself.  First have your child pour in the cranberry juice, then very carefully and making sure it’s being poured onto an ice-cube the Gatorade and finally the carbonated water.  Done, a flag in a glass, enjoy!

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Memorial Day Flag

In honor of Memorial why not create a really special flag by using your kids handprints?  You will need

Red, white and blue washable paint

Paint brushes

Paper plates

Bucket of Warm Water

Paper towels

Large Piece of Cardboard or Construction Paper

Put one color of paint in each plate and have your little one dip the palm of their hand in (you may need to use a paintbrush to spread it all over their hands and fingers) and press their hands onto the paper.  You will need to guide them as to where to place each color to create a flag effect.  Use the warm water and paper towels to rinse between each color.  The end result is a unique flag to honor those who fought or are fighting for our country.  Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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Rainbow Pasta

My kids and niece love pasta, which is great, but after a while I get bored with it, they don’t, but I do!  An easy way to spice it up a little is to create rainbow pasta.  Super simple and the kids will think it’s awesome!  All you need are:

Food Coloring


Pots of Water

Add a few drops of food coloring to the pots of water and bring them to a boil.  Throw in your pasta of choice and cook it according to the package directions.  When they’re done cooking you’ll have colored noodles for your kids to giggle over!  I like to mix all of the colored noodles together to create a rainbow in their bowls.  It’s a little more clean up for you, but so worth it when you see their faces!  Enjoy!

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Paper Towel Flowers

Happy Mother’s Day to all!!  These fun and easy little flowers can be made into a bouquet, a pin, a magnet or a present topper and will take you no time at all to create.  Here’s what you need:

Square Paper towels (not the Select a Size kind)


Buttons, pom-poms or large sequins

Water colors


Cover your area with the newspaper and lay your paper towel on top.

Fold all four corners into the middle.  Now fold these new corners into the middle.

Flip the paper towel over so you don’t see the folds (The folds are now laying up against the table).  Again fold the corners into the middle.

If you are making a bouquet now is the time to push a pipe cleaner through the center, if not go on to the next step.

Glue these points you just folded into the middle down and glue your pom-pom, button or sequins on top. Now while holding with your thumb the button, etc reach behind the paper towel and flip inside out each corner.

Sounds trickier than it is, this last part is the only thing my 5-year-old needed help with.  Now you can either let the points that are on the back of the flower lay flat under the flower or fold them out to become part of the flower.  In my picture above we unfolded them.  Now your kids can decorate the flowers with the water colors and create some beautiful pieces of art!

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Puddle Jumping!

It has been a rainy few weeks here and even with lots of indoor activities planned there comes  a time when the kids get bored with being stuck inside.  What do we do when we’ve had enough play dough and goop?  Head outside for some puddle jumping of course!  Grab the kids (and your unless you plan on getting wet!) rain gear, place towels and dry clothes by the door and prep the hot chocolate and then open the door and let them have at it.  We usually end up with lakes inside our boots and pruney fingers, but we get some fresh air and the kids had a blast, hope you do too!

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Gelatin Bird Feeders

First off I’d like to thank “Cousin Bill” for reminding me about these cool bird feeders that are fun to make and take very little time or materials.  My kids love feeding the birds and do so every time we go to my parent’s house.  These feeders can be hung on a tree outside of your window and will keep your children’s attention for days.  All you need are

1 small package of Knoxx Gelatin

1/4 cup water

3/4 cup bird seed


cookie cutters

parchment paper


Place the gelatin and water in a saucepan and simmer until it’s completely dissolved.  Remove it from the stove and let it cool slightly.  Have your kids measure out and pour in the bird seed and stir it until it’s coated really well.  Place the cookie cutters on top of a piece of parchment paper and let the kids spoon the gelatin mixture to the half way point of each cutter.  Place the twine on top of the mixture with a good portion of it hanging out to hang on a tree and then spoon more mixture in until it reaches the top.  Let it set for several hours before pushing it out of the cookie cutter and leaving it on the parchment to completely dry.  It may take a day or so.  Be sure to flip the feeder over a few times a day to ensure it dries on both sides without getting moldy.  Hang it on a tree and watch the birds that come to eat!

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