A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Dirt Cups

Since we completed our planting this week, we have to end the week with Dirt Cups for dessert!  Dirt Cups are a yummy chocolatey treat that the kids will think are really fun and just as delicious!  All you need are:

Chocolate pudding cups

Crushed Oreo cookies

Gummy worms, cut in half

Open the pudding cups and let your kids sprinkle on some Oreo cookie crumbs.  When they think they have enough, let them stick some gummy worms into the cookie crumb/pudding mixture.  It will look like worms crawling out of the dirt, but is such a delicious treat!

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Spring is certainly here!  One of our favorite activities as the weather gets warmer is going to the store to pick out seeds for our garden.  We always get them started in the house before transplanting them to our garden and our kids love helping!  All you need are



plastic spoons


newspaper or an old table-cloth

Lay out the newspaper or old table-cloth to reduce the mess factor and give each child a pot.  The kids will love scooping the dirt into the pots and then getting to poke their finger in it to make room for a seed.  The best part for my two is watching it every day to see them sprout and grow.  Happy planting!

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Straw Painting

My daughter loves painting and would paint all day every day if I let her!  This is a fun and easy way to change the typical paint brush and paint activity.  All you need are

Washable Paints


Construction Paper

Newspaper or an old table-cloth

Cover your working area with the newspaper or old table-cloth since there is usually some over spray of the paint!  Drop dime sized blobs of paint in the colors of your child’s choice on the construction paper and let them use the straws to blow the paint around the paper.  This is an activity only suited for slightly older kids who understand not to suck the paint in!!  It will create some really cool designs, enjoy!!

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Peanut Butter Butterflies

I’m always looking for creative ways to present foods to my children.  This is a fun, easy and healthy snack that takes no time to prepare but will be met with giggles and smiles!  All you need are

Celery Sticks

Peanut Butter


Pretzel Thins

Let your kids slather each celery stick with peanut butter.  When they’re done they can stick the crackers into the peanut butter to create wings and break the pretzel thins in half before pushing those into the peanut butter as well.  They look great and taste just as good!  Yum!


Sensory Bags

Is your little one (or maybe you!) not quite ready to jump into this messy play stuff?  A great way to introduce it without the mess is by creating these sensory bags.  Here’s what you need

Double Zipper Freezer Bag

Colored Hair Gel

Squeeze the hair gel into the freezer bag.  Make sure you have as much air out as possible and then seal the bag.  Now your kids can “write” in the gel with their fingers creating shapes, letters designs etc without getting their hands dirty.  Feeling creative?  Drop some large glitter or gems into the bag with the gel to add to the fun!  Fun and (can you believe it) NOT messy!!

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Bucket O’ Beans

A fun way to explore messy play is with dry beans.  All you need is

bag of dry beans

plastic container

sand toys and other items for scooping and dumping

Pour a bag of dry beans ( usually I grab kidney beans since they’re colorful and a neat shape!) into a plastic container.  Give your little ones small shovels, rakes, cups, spoons etc to dump, fill, pour and explore.  That’s it, enjoy!

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Footprint Bunnies

I am a huge fan of hand and footprint art, so be prepared that I will share lots of ideas for this type of activity! These are easy and usually lead to an afternoon of painting in our house!  All you need are:

construction paper

washable paint

paint brushes

paper plates


glue stick


As with all messy play activities, plan for the end of the activity first and have a warm bucket of water and some towels nearby your painting area.  I get started by giving my daughter a circle to cut out and glue onto a large sheet of construction paper (with my 2 year old I obviously do the cutting for him).  Place some paint in the paper plates. Draw circles for the eyes and the kids use their thumb prints for both these and the nose.  Paint their feet and help them create the ears of the bunny with their prints.  Then draw in the mouth and you have a super cute Easter art activity!

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Striped Easter Eggs

Want an easy way to decorate Easter eggs this year?  Place various width elastics around your boiled eggs before placing them in the dye.  When the eggs are dry remove the elastics.  Be creative with your designs and have fun!

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Bird’s Nest Cookies

If you need a quick and easy Easter snack idea these are it!  They taste yummy and the kids will love helping you make them.  You need:

2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

1 cup peanut butter

2 cups chow mein noodles

jelly beans

wax paper lined cookie sheet

In a microwave safe bowl have your kids help you measure the chocolate chips and peanut butter.  Place it in the microwave for 1 minute at 50% power and then stir.  Repeat this until the chips are completely melted.  Have your kids help you measure the noodles and dump those in the melted chocolate mixture and stir until they are well coated.  Now drop them on the wax paper lined cookie sheet by the tablespoon full, creating a little birds nest.  Let the kids press a few jelly beans into each nest and then pop them in the fridge for an hour or so until they set up.  Super yummy and peanut buttery!

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