A collection of fun activities for little hands!


on April 6, 2013


I’m tired today.  I had a horrible night’s sleep and by mid-afternoon needed the kids to be involved in something where they weren’t fighting and I could sit back in a chair and veg-out for a while!  What better than goop to keep them busy for a half hour or so!  Easy and fun (though messy with little ones who don’t understand yet to keep it on the tray, thankfully mine are old enough!).  Here’s your material list

Shaving Cream


Bucket or tray

Warm soapy water


All you need to do to create this moldable, sticky goop is mix in the bucket or tray equal parts of the cornstarch and shaving cream (you can play with the amounts to create different textures as well).   Period, nothing else, besides letting your children explore the cool texture.  When they’re done they can dip their hands in the warm soapy water to scrub up and towel dry.  Same for your bucket and surface, some warm soapy water and it all disappears.  Hope your little ones have a blast with this!!


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