A collection of fun activities for little hands!


on March 27, 2013


Easter is right around the corner (so strange in March, but oh well!) and we are pulling out our fun Easter activities.  For snack today my kiddos wanted cinnamon buns, so to usher us into the Easter holiday I turned them into Cinna-Bunnies.  Very easy and yummy!  All you need is

Roll of Cinnamon Buns (I prefer Pillsbury)

Non stick spray

Cookie Sheet

Pop open your tube of cinnamon buns and separate them into rolls.  Instead of then placing them in the pan as a roll, unroll each one into a rope.  Take your rope and first break off a small piece at one of the ends and roll it into a ball (this will be the bunny’s tail), then take the rest of the rope and make a figure eight, leaving a bit of each end sticking out of the top of it.  At the ends squeeze the loose pieces into a point for the bunny ears.  Place the ball of dough in the bottom circle of the figure eight (this is the bunny’s butt).  Place them on the cookie sheet you’ve sprayed with the non stick spray and bake according to the package.  My kids really liked these and had fun using the frosting to create bunny fur on their bun.  Have fun and eat up!


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