A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Mermaid Tails

on March 10, 2013


My daughter loves to play dress up, mostly with my clothes and shoes, but every now and then she makes a special request.  We just read “Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet” so of course this meant she needed to dress like a mermaid.  At first I panicked and wasn’t sure how I would go about creating a mermaid tail, for her and then I realized I was trying to make it too difficult.  Here’s all you need

Bath towel


Safety pin

Hold the towel vertically and wrap one of the short sides around you little one’s back toward their belly so the corners meet at their belly button and fasten them together with the safety-pin.  At the opposite short end take each corner and wrap an elastic like your making a pony tail a few inches down each side to create the tail effect.  That was it, nothing fancy, but she adored it and now keeps the towel safely tucked into her costume box!  Have a great day watching you little one use their imagination!


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