A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Noise Makers

on December 31, 2012


Well here we are at New Year’s Eve, how does a year go by so quickly?!  A tradition I love in my family is that we spend our New Year’s Eve with our friends and their children, very casual and people go home when they’re ready.  One of the things kicked around for our celebration this year was whether or not to buy the kids those lovely horn, noise maker things.  My vote was a resounding, “NO!!!!!”.  Way too loud for me!  There is a way, however, to allow your kids to ring in the New Year with a homemade noise maker that won’t pierce your ear drums!  Here’s what you’ll need

Plain Paper Plates







Dried rice, peas, beans or beads

First give each of the children a plain paper plate and with the markers, sequins, stickers, streamers and glue have them decorate the back side of it (the side that would sit on the table if you were eating off of it).  Next fold it in half and carefully place the dried rice, peas, beans or beads inside of it before closing it all of the way and stapling it around the edges so none of these little treasures escape.  I then let them decorate more if they’d like.  Now your little one is ready to make some noise at midnight (or 8 o’clock in my case since not even I can stay up until midnight!!).  Have a great, safe New Year’s Eve and prosperous 2013!


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