A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Tub Paint

on September 30, 2012

My two love tubs, but who doesn’t want to have even more fun with something that’s already pretty cool?  This is an easy way to let your little people have even more fun in the tub, (and it doesn’t hurt that it cleans your tub too!!).  All you need is

Shaving cream

Food coloring

A muffin tin or washed applesauce single serve containers

A spoon

Fill the applesauce containers with shaving cream and add food coloring to make the color you like.  (For these colors I used three drops of each color).  Use the spoon to mix the coloring and shaving cream together and that’s it!  You can give your kids paint brushes to use in the tub with these, or they can use their fingers.  They can paint the tub, shower walls, themselves whatever (they do need to avoid their eyes) and it all washes off at the end of the tub.  Hope you all enjoy!


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