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Thank You Gift for Teachers

on August 29, 2012

Every time you open a new door an old one closes.  For me there can’t be a goodbye without a thank you.  When trying to think of an idea for a thank you gift for my daughter’s preschool teacher I realized that due to the type of preschool she’s in which offers before and after care she has interactions with several different teachers.  My decision was that I’d certainly give her classroom teacher a gift, but that I also needed to acknowledge the importance of the others as well.  Here’s what I came up with (sorry for the poor photography it was late at night when I finished!).  Here’s what you need

Colored oak tag

Thin marker

Vase or planter

Styrofoam Insert for the planter

Wooden Skewers

Elmers Glue

Ribbon (if you feel like decorating)

All I did was trace my daughter’s hand and had her cut them out.  We wrote the name of each teacher on the front and she thought of something special she enjoyed with each teacher which we wrote on the back.  We then glued a skewer to each hand and let them dry completely.  We then cut out a large heart and wrote on it “Thank you each for touching my heart” before gluing a skewer on it.  I placed the foam insert into the bottom of the planter and poked the skewers with the heart and hands into it arranging it nicely.  My last touch was gluing a pretty ribbon and we were done!  The teachers really enjoyed it and my daughter loved watching them check out their hand to see what she had written.  Have fun creating your own!


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