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Dyed Pasta Jewelry

on July 27, 2012

Well it’s raining, guess I couldn’t expect all summer to be sunny and beautiful.  That’s OK, just means it’s time for some fun indoor activities.  Today we decided to make Dyed Pasta Jewelry.  Here’s what you’ll need

Dry Pasta for stringing (ziti, elbows, penne, etc)

Plastic zip lock bags


Food Coloring


In each zip lock bag place a large handful of dry pasta, 1 Tbl of white vinegar and 2-3 drops of food coloring of your child’s choice (1 color per bag).  Zip the bags closed and have your child shake them up until the pasta is covered.  For pale colors remove the pasta immediately, for deeper colors leave it in for a few minutes.  Place the pasta on a plate and let it dry completely.  When it’s dry your child can pick a colorful ribbon and string the pasta on it, making necklaces and bracelets.  When we were done making jewelry my kids then glued the extra pasta pieces to construction paper and created some neat pictures.  Hope you have as much fun as we did!!



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