A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Salt Tray

on July 21, 2012

Not sure how it happened so quickly but somehow my daughter has turned 5 and is preparing for kindergarten.  Thinking about this brings me back to my teaching days and the techniques I would use to help the kids learn to read and write.  This was one of the kids (and my!) favorites and has quickly become my daughter’s favorite way to practice her letters, numbers and writing.  All you need are

Cookie sheet


That’s it, nothing fancy and you probably have it on hand!  Simply pour a thin layer of salt into the cookie sheet and let your child draw with their finger.  They can make just about anything from a picture to a number, a letter, their name or a word.  It’s great practice and feels great while they’re doing it.  If your little one is just learning these things you can use a red marker on a standard sheet of paper and write the letter, number, word etc that they are working on and place it on the cookie sheet before placing the salt on top.  This allows them to have a guide as they practice.  Very easy and a great way to practice those all important kindergarten skills.  Have fun!




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