A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Ice Cube Painting

on July 14, 2012

It is hot and humid here which means it’s time to break out ice cube painting!  All you need are

Several different colors of washable paint ( I have done this with finger paint, though you can also use water colors and while you can use food coloring if you have not paint handy, please be aware it will stain little hands!)

Ice Cube Tray



Heavy paper (we used card stock since we were making cards!)

Fill each ice cube compartment half full with water.  Drop into each one of these a small blob of paint and mix it up.  Freeze until they’re solid and head outside.  Give your kids each a piece of paper and small bowl of the paint cubes and let them have at it.  This is a pretty messy activity so I prefer to head out to the porch or on the grass, but if you want to try it indoors lay a plastic table cloth on the floor.  As always I have a warm bucket of soapy water and some paper towels nearby for clean up.   These are super fun and are great for a hot day, have fun!!


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