A collection of fun activities for little hands!

Potato Prints

on March 18, 2012

A great activity to try at home is potato printing.  Yet another activity where you probably have all the things you need.  Here’s your list


washable paint

paper plates


a sharp knife

So first start off by cutting a  potato in half and carving a design into it.  Although it sounds difficult it is really easy and fun to come up with your own designs.  Pat them dry with a paper towel and place the paint colors of your child’s choice on the paper plates.  Alright that’s it, now let your little ones have fun dipping the “stamps” into the paint and stamping it onto their paper.  Cute and simple and you can create so many different things with it, a simple picture, a card, wrapping paper etc.  Use your (and your child’s) creativity.  Enjoy!


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